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AC Locksmiths- What is the Mission of Forensic Locksmiths


Thieves are getting better and better at what they do. Finding more sophisticated ways of breaking in without leaving a trace.  For example, imagine that when you return from vacation you do not find anything strange on the front door of your home as you open it, but when you step inside you find out certain items of great value have been stolen, and yet there appears no evidence of forced entry in any of the doors or windows. This is when you can also seek out the services of a forensic locksmith or a locksmith with years of expertise. Why?

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In these cases, insurance companies do not usually cover theft, since there is no proof that an unwanted entry has occurred. This is where a forensic locksmith can help you. They are experienced professionals capable of detecting a non-violent opening and analyzing the lock. In addition to this information, they can determine the exact technique they have used and whether or not they have managed to open the door, even going so far as to classify the experience of the people who have tried to access the home.

Faced with the increase in this type of theft, insurance companies are looking for a way to avoid fraud and provide coverage for those customers who have suffered a theft. Obviously, a simple visual inspection will not be sufficient to determine whether or not a door has been tampered with. These professionals analyze all the different components of the lock.

The reports generated by forensic locksmiths include a great deal of information about the opening attempt, noting how long it lasted, the skill of the offender and the weakness they exploited on the lock and the locking mechanism.

Currently, their investigations are of great relevance because, on many occasions, a report is requested from insurance companies to be sent to both the police and the lock companies. The former can use the information to catch criminals and then use it as evidence in a trial.

The latter use the information to improve the weak points of the bolts, bulbs, locks or to know which are the most vulnerable parts. On the other hand, a forensic locksmith may be called upon to appear in court, to carry out a forensic expert duties. That is, as an expert in the area of ​​locksmithing, you can issue statements based on your knowledge and ability.

When called to testify in court, a forensic locksmith will not have to reveal who was the accused who violated or tampered with a lock or other security system. Actually, their job will be to explain how it was done and what gadgets they used on the spot. 

However, their tasks not only include appearing in court, they are also hired to analyze and study potential risk areas on properties. In this way, it is possible to point out the vulnerable points that the security system may have.

The police will at times need the expert information that a forensic locksmith can provide. This is because it can be used by detectives to advance the ongoing investigation. Furthermore, each piece of evidence collected can be decisive in a trial. As well as the technical guidelines that the professional is able to provide, during a possible statement on the bench.

Individuals can also request their services. Some properties have large tracts of land that make them more likely to be robbed. For these types of homes or even for businesses that handle large sums of money, you can request the services of a forensic locksmith.

Finally, the locksmith companies are other plaintiffs. In most cases, these professionals are in charge of providing companies with the information they need to update their products more efficiently. That is why we currently have high-security bowlers, resistant to almost any criminal method.

In addition to possessing extensive knowledge of security systems and locks, a forensic locksmith should possess skills such as crime scene investigation knowledge, forensic photography skills, and solid knowledge of keys, locks, doors, and other security systems.

On the other hand, the skills in the evidence collection procedure are other qualities that they must have. Good public speaking skills to provide clear, concise, and detailed information before a Judge, court, or stakeholder is also critical. Finally, knowledge of photomicrography and microscopy is very useful.


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