You can cancel your booking by simply contacting us direct on 07 3493 0634

Pricing varies depending on the job that needs to be done so it’s difficult to give you an exact figure. However we encourage the use of our online quote forms that way you can ensure that you are getting a more accurate price.

Call out times vary and AC Locksmiths will always try to be as prompt as possible. We generally allow 30 mins travel time to most jobs however in cases where we are running behind schedule we always call our customers to inform them.

AC Locksmiths operates 24/7 and can be contacted on 07 3493 0634 or 0450 561 375.

Yes. Our website offers a Booking Form option however we can’t always guarantee your preferred date/time. If this is the case then we will contact you and arrange an alternative date/time that equally suits.

Yes. If your call relates to an opening either home or vehicle. Photo ID is required.