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AC Locksmith – blog September 16, 2020

Should I change my locks after buying a house?

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After months of trawling the real estate websites, you’ve finally found your dream home and can’t wait to move in.

Yet, unless your beautiful new home is a new build, there will have been people living there prior to your property purchase, which leads people to wonder if they should hire a Brisbane locksmith to change the locks.

This can be a quandary for many new homeowners, especially if the dwelling was once a rental property.

On moving day, you’re faced with the knowledge that scores of people could have kept spare keys and have access to your treasured possessions, let alone the thought of people entering your private living spaces.

Residential Rekeying

When it comes to property ownership, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to have issues with your insurer because your policy doesn’t cover non-forced entry into your home should you experience an intrusion.

The friendly professional Brisbane locksmiths at AC Locksmiths can help you out of this jam with a simple rekeying installation. Rather than changing over each and every external lock, it’s much more cost-effective to rekey your entire property.

You can also choose to have one master key, rather than separate keys for back, front and side doors to your home.

This is a convenient way of organising your keyring and not having to worry if you’ve been in a rush to go out and picked up the backdoor key by mistake, leaving you locked out altogether or dangerously climbing over a large security fence. With a master key, you have access through all external doors – and internal, should you wish.

If you’re renting, simply ask your realtor if they can get in touch with our local locksmith in Mount Gravatt to rekey the locks. We offer very competitive pricing and have plenty of experience meeting customer needs.

Commercial Rekeying

Certainly, if you’re moving into a new commercial space, you will want to rekey all your locks as office furniture and equipment can costs thousands of dollars to replace in both product and downtime to your business operations.

Plus, you want to avoid the risk of theft or tampering with confidential corporate data for your business and clients.

Whether you’re after residential rekeying because you’ve moved into a new home or commercial locks changed over, contact the team at AC Locksmiths to ensure you’re safer today, without having to worry about tomorrow.

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