Rekeying is a process where by changing the pins or wafer combination of the lock. A new key function is now operational with no need for a new lock to be installed.
Some reasons for re-keying your home or business would be lost or stolen keys, being broken into, relationship failures, court ordered, moving into a new house where you are unsure the previous owners or tenants may still have keys. Or it could be as simple as wanting all access points within your home or business to be operational by the use of one key.
With people living busy lives this simple solution allows owners/tenants the functionality and convivence of having one key to operate all doors and windows within the property or premises.
We can re-key most types of locks including pad locks, dead bolts both single and double cylinder with a 5 or 6 pin combination.


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Sherin Koshy | Customer

Wanted to change locks to front and back door- Prompt, reliable and trustworthy experience by Alan. Highly recommend AC locksmiths to everyone out there, for a reasonable price. Thank you Alan for a great service. Locks look great.

Simon O’Leary | Customer

We were locked out of our house tonight, 8pm on a sat night. Alan came and rescued us. He was very quick and professional. Excellent service. I can’t recommend him enough. He’s top notch!