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Moving into a new property doesn’t mean you have to sleep with one eye open, wondering who has keys to the place. You just need to call your local locksmiths in Brisbane.

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Depending on the age of your new home, there could be countless sets of keys that have been cut over the years for previous owners or tenants, property managers, real estate agents and their employees, former flatmates and even ex-lovers.

AC Locksmiths offers Rekeying services, whereby rather than replace all the entry lock barrels for your external lock doors, our team of qualified South Brisbane locksmiths only changes the pins or wafer combinations of the locks.

You may have moved into a property and been given numerous keys by the real estate agent and want to
streamline your entry-points with one single key. Rather than carrying around bulky sets of keys, the team at AC Locksmiths can provide you with a brand-new key function without the need to install new locks. Conveniently, one key can do all the hard work.

If you have maintenance professionals that frequent your property, such as cleaners or gardeners, you may choose to offer them only partial access to the property by rekeying other locks within your home.

Our local Brisbane locksmiths can rekey most types of locks, including padlocks and deadbolts, both single and double-cylinder with a 5 or 6-pin combination. Our promise to our loyal customers is to always provide one free key cutting service for any lock repair we carry out.

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Disclaimer: When our professional South Brisbane locksmiths rekey your home, we can cut one key for your entire property as long as the locks all have the same profile.


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