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Master key system is a conveniently beneficial service that AC Locksmith Brisbane offers to commercial businesses in South Brisbane and surrounds, yet it can be most effective for residential properties as well.

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A Master Key system greatly increases your corporate security because only your chosen Brisbane locksmith is authorised to copy keys at any given time. Also, most organisations aim to avoid employees in the possession of multiple bunches of keys, due to the greater risk of loss.

The idea behind Master Key system is to allow business owners to have one set of keys, which allows them access to all areas of their professional premises. From this set of Master Keys, a business owner can select different staff members – dependent upon their work responsibilities and relevant security restrictions – to have access only to certain areas within the premises. If you have sensitive data, general employee admittance is restricted, so you can reduce the traffic in these high-security work zones.

Security is further increased if you have a disgruntled employee who plans on doing harm to your business, because they cannot copy their access keys at any locksmith without authorised permission from you, the business owner.

As the owner or main tenant for your place of work, knowing who has limited access brings peace of mind, especially with so many people coming and going from your work premises throughout the day.

AC Locksmiths in Brisbane can apply Master Key systems for residential homes wanting this security upgrade as well. With fraudulent opportunists often trying to copy lost keys they’ve found on the street, it pays to know that only your authorised AC Locksmiths professional will copy your Master Keys and will notify you if there is a breach.

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