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Keyed Alike

Keyed alike refers to the term that is used to describe the way different locks are cut to so one key can fit and open all those different locks. It is a simple and beneficial way if you want to open and lock all your doors with the same key. For example you can use the same key to open your front deadbolt lock to open your back door, screen door or any door you choose around your house.

Keyed Different

Keyed different simply put is just that, each lock has its own key, so you can’t use the same to key to open your front door to open any other door in your house or commercial setting. Perfect if you want to give access to a person to only one door. They will be able to access that door only and not be able to open any other door in that establishment.

Master Key Services

Master keys are “ One key to rule them all”. What this means is, a master key or grand master key is made to be able operate all keys locks in the system and then individual keys are made to only be able to open only a single lock within the system. A simple example in which this types of systems are very popular to use are apartment blocks. Each tenant will have their own key that can only be used to open their own apartment door. The master key in this scenario might be used by the building manager when they need access to the apartment for repairs, maintenance or any emergency that arises and access is needed into the apartment without the need to break the door down. Its not only residential settings that master key systems are useful, they are also highly used in commercial settings such as schools, hospitals and offices when you need to restrict access to certain areas in a building.

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