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Insurance Work & Repairs

If you want to pay less insurance, your local locksmith Brisbane is your new best friend.

Insurance Work & Repairs brisbane is your top-rated local locksmith for home, commercial and auto security in South Brisbane.

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The team at AC Locksmiths brisbane will take steps to safeguard your home, business or shopfront by stepping up the security for your property. This, in turn, lowers your annual insurance premiums.

Adding deadlocks, complex electronic systems or quality guaranteed security screens is looked upon by Australia’s top insurers as added security, so these products can help decrease your monthly insurance repayments.

Our Brisbane locksmiths will assess your residential or commercial premises to determine what measures are required to take your security to the next level.

We recommend you check with your current insurer to ensure you’re covered by our local Locksmiths Brisbane services. Our licensed locksmiths work with clients and their insurers to alleviate the stress of broken locks, unsecured premises and relocation rekeying.

Insurance Work & Repairs brisbane helps alleviate any fears of your property being compromised by intruders when you’re not home or overnight at work. We can check your security doors and windows, suggest key locks for windows and deadbolts for doors and look at alarms and monitoring systems.

Call our specialised teams today to discuss your security requirements. We will come to you in Brisbane Southside, Bayside suburbs or Mount Tamborine for a no-obligation discussion and quote.


We offer first-class service for homes, vehicles and businesses.

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