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Rekeying Vs Lock Change

When it comes to deciding if you need to rekey your home or business or change the locks these are some points to consider.

The term rekeying simply means that the pins and springs in the lock cylinder are replaced with new pins and springs that work with a new key.

  • This is often a cheaper option for those whose locks are still in good working condition and simply want the comfort of knowing any pervious tenants or owners can’t access the property or business with their key.
  • Clients can choose to have their locks rekeyed to the one key making it more convenient.

AC Locksmiths Brisbane have done thousands of rekey jobs on both residential and commercial properties. We generally recommend this service for those who have purchased a new property or business and have moved into a new rental or simply want the convenience of having their multitude of keys put onto the one key.

Whatever the situation we will always recommend the most cost effective and proactive solution to your situation.

Rekeying vs lock Change

When it’s time to change the locks?

  • Generally speaking, you would look at changing the lock when it’s faulty and not working properly or has become old and you want an updated look.
  • You have the same security knowing the new locks come with new keys and should you wish a Locksmith can rekey the new lock to work from the same key.

So if you want to book a locksmith for your next job please feel free to contact us direct on 0450 561 375 or alternatively you can make an enquiry online at our website

Tip: If you find your key hard to turn it may just need a spray of inox if that doesn’t work then you may need a further service or lock replacement.

Important Message: Please note that due to health and safety of our staff, we require any pets to be secured before we attend the premises. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a job if it compromises our safety. We thank you kindly for your understanding. We look forward to serving you soon.