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AC Locksmiths-Protect Our Second Home in Low Seasons of Theft

Many have a second or holiday home in which they like to spend time with their family when they have time off work or on the holidays. It can be either a house or apartment located in a small town in the mountains or near the beach. 

When the holidays end, it is essential to keep our second home safe from possible criminals who want to access it to steal valuable possessions. We tend to sometimes not place the same amount of thought into the security of these dwellings as opposed the main place of residency. Here are some tips that will help us avoid some unwanted visits into the family holiday house:

Recommendations to avoid the temptation of theft

  1. You can have someone you trust who can visit the house from time to time , pick up the mail, open and close windows and blinds, water possible plants that we may have and even clean a little from time to time so that see an “inhabited” house. Many of the second homes are usually found in blocks of flats that are only used in the summer or holiday season in general, so practically the entire block is empty. It is important to periodically do a light cleaning of the house so that possible thieves will consider that it is not an inhabited house and pass by. If  by any chance you do not have a trusted person such as a friend or family member who can do you that favor, you can hire a person or services  to do it for you.
  2. Even if it is a house with a garden or a flat within a block or complex, it is advisable never to hide the keys , neither under the doormat nor inside a flowerpot or under a stone. In areas where there is a security concierge, it is possible to leave a copy of the key in case any inconvenience or unforeseen event arises while we are not there. In those that do not have security personnel, the most sensible way to solve any unforeseen event is to leave the key to a trusted neighbor. Leaving the keys hidden somewhere near the house gives a thief complete free access to enter.
  3. One of the best tips to protect a holiday home is to install a high quality locking system. Many models of locks that we can find today in the market already have a very effective anti-bumping system, they protect the door from attacks and thus protect the property of the house. Many lock todays are considered smart locks. These locks have a digitalized system which when the door is been forced open or the lock is been tampered with will send an alarm to the persons mobile phone. The added benefit to these locks is that some have a speaker to which you can speak directly, and also you can grant access to anyone from a remote location.
  4. Finally, a piece of advice that may seem obvious but that is really important is that we make sure to close the door well, and by closing it well we mean to lock it and check that it has been closed correctly as well as to check before leaving, that we have closed any other doors or windows.

Locksmiths’ experiences in these cases

Many of the locksmiths have been in situations of having to attend emergencies late in the morning for obvious reasons of not having closed the door properly and access has been easy with hardly any forcing and other cases that the lock was completely destroyed having to change everything or sometimes the entire door.

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During holidays, second-occupancy homes are the preferred place for thieves to steal. Make sure your home is not a victim of this type of situation, protect it. These tips will be very useful to avoid scares. It is essential to have a good security system for our homes and in cases of emergency always seek the help of a professional locksmith, we’re here 24 hours.

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