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AC Locksmiths- Practical Tips for Keeping Your Locks in Good Condition


Although the best idea when maintaining a lock is to contact a professional, there are certain practical and easy tips that you can do yourself, which aren’t that complicated and can give you good results.

The first home diy to avoid, as recommended by specialists, is the use of lubricants. These, far from causing any benefit, are capable of making them work worse, due to the possibility that it can make dirt and grime accumulate and therefore harder to remove and to open. 

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However, graphite powder is a good technique to increase the level of contact with the key. This means that when the keys get stuck frequently, this method can be quite useful to avoid creating a final jam that is more difficult to correct.

In case the lock has dust accumulated on the outside, it can be easily cleaned with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with water. You will not need detergents, degreasers, bleaches or any other product of this type.

Tips to keep a lock functional

The function of the locks is to protect from intruders. They have been used for a long time to protect belongings or to maintain privacy in a room. However there is more to locks than we know so we bring you the following tips about the start to finish process on locks.


There’s a large number of lock models to choose from, depending on your needs. Obviously, it will not be the same type of lock for the entrance door of a house to that of one inside the house or a room. So you will need to choose one to be installed for the correct door type you have chosen.

Also when installing the locks, they cannot be knocked into the hole in the door. This action can not only cause serious damage to your external presentation, but also to your internal mechanics.

Use of keys

The locks come from the factory  with a number of original keys, which are usually three or more. These keys should be in perfect condition, as well as copies that can be made later to distribute among family members if you choose to.

One of the most obvious tip is to avoid the use keys that have some damage, for example, that are bent. Although they work like this, this can cause internal damage to the lock, reducing its life.

On the other hand, the key must always be inserted completely, until it reaches the correct point and then turns it. Failure to do so would be subjecting both the key and the lock to unnecessary forcing, which could cause the key to break and leave a piece embedded. If this happens, it is best to contact a professional locksmith service.

Also, avoid pressing the key to open the door. It is better to push the door with your hand or with the latch. When the key is subjected to a lot of pressure it can cause the same problem mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Another element to mention regarding the keys is that they should not remain inside the lock for longer than necessary. There are people who close the door behind them, lock it and leave the key there to have it more quickly at hand the next day. This is a bad practice that can cause the internal mechanics of the product to wear out.

When should maintenance be done?

At the moment when you start to feel that the lock is not working as smoothly as normal , that would be the right moment to start thinking about getting a locksmith to look at your locks. So you just need to look out for is it becoming  difficult to turn the key? it does not go in easily? does it get stuck when trying to remove it, etc.

The biggest problem with not acting quickly on this issue is that you can jam the door with the lock, and be momentarily disabled. If not, the following procedure can be applied, which is quite simple. An important piece of information is to keep the door open to have access to the lock from both sides.

After this, it should work normally again. If not, it is better to contact a specialist who gives his opinion on the need to replace it.


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