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AC Locksmiths- Locksmiths Estimate That 80% Of the Nations Lock Are Outdated

Today there is some concern among the locksmith sector, since according to research, eight out of ten homes are unprotected due to the possession of inferior or faulty locks. That is why most recommend evaluating the effectiveness of your lock and changing it in case it is found that it does not meet the necessary security specification. There is a wide range of  professionals willing to offer their clients specialized advice, immediate attention and modern, powerful and certified systems.

Outdated locks leaving you open to intruders

When it comes to security, prevention and information are essential to prevent events that put the integrity of the home and family at risk. Although these issues put more than one on alert, it is important to know that today criminals have modernized their systems to open doors in fractions of seconds and without leaving a trace, so it is important to have modern locks that prevent this type of action.

“A lock that is more than 10 years old, is vulnerable to the latest intrusion systems”, the professionals point out.

In some cases, during the holiday periods, when people leave home to spend a few days, the absence of surveillance in the houses or flats and the presence of outdated locks, leave the door open to the so-called “clean robberies” in which the intrusion is perpetrated by opening the main door.

“Thieves do not need to spend much on the Internet to get a kit with which they can open vulnerable locks,” they point out, and continue “in addition, by leaving hardly any marks, the homeowner may have problems with insurance coverage if it is difficult to prove the intrusion. “

Upgrading Locks: A cheap method on increasing home security

One of the most serious problems, is that people have not realized the risk they run by not renewing their home security systems. When we talk about security systems, we are not referring to complex systems with high costs, but on locks.

According to studies carried out, in Australia, 80% of locks have lost their effectiveness, and with it their ability to protect and safeguard the home. A lock is considered old-fashioned when it has not been changed in a decade and has been used by different people, couples or even families.

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In this sense, the majority of security companies have supported the statement, in which, that in Australia security has decreased significantly, due to the low efficiency offered by locks, and the optimization of the skills of criminals to open doors using novel techniques and procedures.

In this way, the solution to the problem seems to be the modernization of the locks, which involves the installation of systems that function as protective shields and prevents intruders. AC Locksmiths can provide you with sound advice on your locks and if they need to be updated. 

Tips to choose the right lock and increase home security

If we want to protect our home and we have made the decision to replace the locks, the most advisable thing is to seek specialized advice to find out the system that best suits our needs and to find out about the new features that exist and the safest locks.

To choose the perfect lock, it is necessary to evaluate the characteristics of the one that is installed, since from the information obtained it will be possible to improve it. For the chosen lock to comply with security standards, it must have at least three anchor points to the door frame (upper, lower and side).

An option that can also be effective are anti-bumping locks, these are made up of a complex system of pistons, which make it difficult for unauthorized persons to open. Another solution is the modern invisible locks, such as self-locking locks, with which it is possible to prevent their opening from the outside, this type of system uses a control system to authorize entry.

AC Locksmiths Brisbane have many years of experience and we can carry out inspections at your house on the locks, and replace them if you feel they are not adequate for your needs. 


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