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Locksmith Scam

How Brisbane residents are being scammed by rogue Locksmiths operating with the Brisbane Area.

It has become wildly known through both the media and online that there is a ring of scammers who are portraying themselves as Locksmiths to the seemingly unknowing Brisbane residents.

AC Locksmiths Brisbane has been in operation for nearly 3 years and within this time have become aware of these rouge operators through being called by victims of these scammers where their properties have been left damaged by unqualified locksmiths and also leaving a mother with her small children without a back door lock because they didn’t have a spare one in their ‘car’ leaving them vulnerable and open to a potential break-in.   Needless to say, no one got sleep that night and this practice is not only dangerous but intolerable to anyone who is a legitimate locksmith business owner.

So… ask? What can I do? AC Locksmiths Brisbane has compiled a general list of checks you can do prior to calling a Locksmith.

(Simply enter their business name and for industry type check security provider and you’ll be able to see immediately if they are a licensed Locksmith)

Question: Why do I need to check if they are licensed?

Answer: Anyone working within the Security Industry must be licensed to carry out work conducted residentially and commercially they are also fingerprinted and have a criminal history check conducted by police and is registered so for your safety know that you are dealing with a legitimate operator.

  • Once the above checks have been completed and you are certain that you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith business check the businesses online profile (social media accounts, website and reviews)

AC Locksmiths Brisbane feels passionate about the industry and it saddens us to hear stories of people being taken advantage of in an often-vulnerable situation.

These checks have been derived for your complete assurance so that you can safely and knowingly book a qualified locksmith for your next job.  Don’t become the next Locksmith scam victim these checks are quick and easy and these extra 5 mins spent could save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs and being overcharged.

If you need a trusty, reliable locksmith, simply find us through searching locksmith near me and find us on the map, email us or call us on 0450 561 375.

Important Message: Please note that due to health and safety of our staff, we require any pets to be secured before we attend the premises. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a job if it compromises our safety. We thank you kindly for your understanding. We look forward to serving you soon.