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When renovating or reinforcing an armoured or armoured door, we must be clear about the concepts of passive safety. A magnificent door would be of no use if the measures that accompany it are not up to it. A security gate should be an insurmountable step to safeguard your peace of mind. It doesn’t take a security professional like a locksmith to check on-site whether your door meets a number of requirements.

6 Locksmith Concepts to Consider

  1. If the door is security, is also its lock? Don’t be fooled by the key shape, size, or design. If it is easy to copy in a key copy center, it is easy to open by who we do not want. Don’t be confused by the price of the copy of the key, consult a professional to find out not only what is the best on the market, but also what is best for you.
  2. The classic FAC model bolt. This classic of a lifetime should not be forgotten. In fact, you would be surprised not only at its date of invention, but at its effectiveness. The ideal companion for any lock that does not give us a certain confidence. Or as a counter deterrent measure as we say for your peace of mind.
  3. The security screws in the frame. What good is a magnificent door, with a fantastic lock, if its frame is received with simple cement or in the worst case with plaster? Again emphasize the need to contrast your own case with a professional. It is useless to install security screws if your surroundings are weak or flimsy. A security screw is a screw that is inserted into the door frame, fixing and further strengthening your door. As we have said, a security screw installed in a weak material, such as simple plaster, hollow brick or drywall is a waste of your money. Only a proven professional can certify what you need, avoid opportunists and especially offers. In security there are not many offers.
  4. The peephole. In case of being incorrectly installed, it can be easily removed and allowed to browse inside. Again do not trust, do not allow anyone to snoop in your life, it is easier than you imagine.
  5. Measures to obstruct the passage. When installing a locking stocking, chain type, hooks, or other locking devices, make sure they meet the highest safety standards and don’t skimp. These elements are not usually expensive and sometimes a difference of 5 euros in the device is the barrier that prevents someone from crashing into our home or business.
  6. Electronic measurements. These measures are an extra to everything previously mentioned. Depending on your needs, you can further strengthen your security. Devices such as electric locks, finger recognition, camcorders, etc., bring you a new world to improve the quality of your security. They are not strictly necessary, but if you are really sure that you need such a stocking, do not hesitate to ask us.

Other important considerations

Installing a security door is not something simple that can be ordered anywhere. Variables such as the weight of the door, the thickness of the wall, the orientation of the door, the frame, the treatment of its surface, the lock model, the type of hinge, the beads, the type of glass if fitted and others they are decisive when it comes to guaranteeing an optimal installation. But in the event that you do not need to install a new door, these same terms of which we have spoken, are points to reinforce in its installation, which every Professional 24/7 Locksmith Brisbane known. Sometimes a simple screw model can add 30% to your door security. Do not hesitate, if you want peace of mind, check the points we have mentioned, it is never too late and there are always solutions.

Important Message: Please note that due to health and safety of our staff, we require any pets to be secured before we attend the premises. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a job if it compromises our safety. We thank you kindly for your understanding. We look forward to serving you soon.