Lock Bolt Utility and Maintenance

Lock Bolt Utility and Maintenance

There is no doubt, a door gives us access to a place while safeguarding us. And for that feeling of security when protecting what is ours, ours and ourselves to occur, a whole class of seemingly invisible factors must be brought together. Opening a door is much more than turning a key and pushing. We are going to talk this time about bolts, those great unknown but irreplaceable elements for our safety. And except for sliding and folding doors, the common bolt is the part that guarantees the following issues :

  1. Silent and effortless door opening.
  2. Total fixing security that accompanies the mission of the lock.
  3. The physical and mobile connection between the door and the frame.

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Not all doors need bolts, sometimes a few simple hinges are enough to fulfil the opening function. But in security, armoured and armoured doors the role of the bolt is indisputable. Not only must it be of the best possible quality, but its maintenance must be friendly, that is, you can take care of its maintenance yourself periodically. Sometimes a simple greasing oil can improve the door opening.

Call a locksmith if the solution is not enough

But what happens when this solution is not enough? Obviously, the passage of time in the type of material of the bolt, the lack of conservation added to extreme temperatures or rust means that the maintenance has to be carried out by a trusted locksmith professional. Why that confidence? To allow you to advise on the repair process. Sometimes it will be a simple sanding and oiling, sometimes it will be repaired (for very special or historic doors) and other times it will be replaced. A bad bolt quickly jumps out, it may go unnoticed by you, you may just notice the discomfort of opening and closing with a little more force. But for a friend of others, it is a sign that marks the weak point of his door, were to attack his tranquillity. And you do not need to see him access your home or business, there are, as we have said, signs that give “clues”.

Do not hesitate, if your door is not the same as before, your bolts hidden there in your door may need your attention. Its maintenance is simple, but if you need the opinion of a professional, contact us. How long have you lubricated your bolts?

Tips for lubricating the bolts

  • With common oil . Sewing machine type oil or similar. It is not highly recommended, since said oil adheres a little more to the dust, but as a first option it is enough, as long as you clean it later and replace it with something more appropriate.
  • With multipurpose oils . There is no specific brand for this purpose. You can use a more or less known brand to perform the task. There are some hinges with a hole, through which thanks to one of these all-use lubricants and the extension rod that it carries, you can direct the resulting jet to this hole. These oils, contrary to the common ones, carry antioxidant additives and other properties depending on the brand.
  • Consistent fat . If the door is larger and heavier than a common one, such as the entrance to a farm, warehouse or garage, it is better to use this type of grease, since its composition and durability improves the opening while minimizing the friction of the metal parts. . It is recommended that before applying, wipe off the old grease in order to avoid future discomfort, even long-term breakdowns.

From this article we want you to be more informed about your security, we hope it has been useful.


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