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AC Locksmiths Brisbane – Lock Bolt Utility and Maintenance

The humble door has more than just another part of a house. It has become a statement piece to which people put time and money into choosing. Still there are factors unseen that complete a door to do its main job. To safeguard our home. Opening a door is much more than turning a key and pushing. We are going to talk this time about bolts, those great unknown but irreplaceable elements for our safety. And except for sliding and folding doors, the common bolt is the part that guarantees the following:

  1. Silent and effortless door opening.
  2. Total security that accompanies the lock.
  3. The physical and mobile connection between the door and the frame.

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Not all doors need bolts, sometimes a few simple hinges are enough to fulfil the opening function. For the door to be totally secured, the role of the bolt is indisputable. Not only should it be of top quality, but also maintenance friendly, so you can take care of its maintenance yourself periodically. Sometimes a simple greasing oil can improve the door opening.

Call a locksmith if the solution is not enough

But what happens when this solution is not enough? With time and daily use of the door, some parts will start to show their age and might need replacing or proper maintenance which can be carried out by a trusted locksmith professional. Why? Sometimes it will be a simple sanding and oiling, sometimes it will be repaired (for very special or historic doors) and other times it will be replaced. A bad bolt may go unnoticed by you, you may just notice a slight more effort when opening and closing.  For others, it marks the weak point of this door. A locksmith will give you sound advice on which steps to take and how you can always be on top of your door.

Tips for lubricating the bolts


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