How to Open a Car Door Without Damaging It When the Keys Have Been Left Inside?

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On numerous occasions we have come across the situation, either by ourselves or because it has happened to a friend or relative, that we have locked the car without realizing it and the keys have been left inside, leaving the car locked from the outside and without the possibility of opening unless it is with another copy of the vehicle key.

Many of these situations appear due to nerves or haste at the time of getting out of the car or simply due to an oversight at a certain moment.

Today there are many formulas that can be very useful for opening any door if we are handymen and can save us having to call a locksmith 24 hours, regardless of whether it is a traditional command or key. Some of them are more rudimentary but very effective, such as the use of rigid wire in the form of an antenna and others much more modern that do not damage the vehicle at all, such as the air pump, a method that can be used for any type of vehicle.

Rigid wire

The use of rigid wire, although it is very effective, cannot be used to open many cars, especially those that come with remote control and do not have “traditional latches” inside the vehicle.

The rigid wire, to work, it is necessary to introduce it through the part of the window, between the edge of the window, either from above if we have managed to lower it a little and the glass in question, very carefully so as not to force or scratch inadvertently the glass. To support the wire we will use rubber clamps to avoid any effort towards the window and avoid scratches. When we have carefully introduced the wires, we must guide them towards the internal opening latch, having the shape of an antenna at the tip or small hook, we must guide it to be able to lever and raise the latch upwards. This is the most traditional and rudimentary way, although one of the most effective, of course, and as we have emphasized, only for vehicles with internal opening, that is, with a latch.

Air pump

The air pump is the most modern and effective method of course that opens any type of door without damaging it at all and in a fast way.

It is necessary and advisable to have two air pump kits, one for the upper door frame and the other for the side frame of the door. With this we cause the door frame to slide carefully out, at that moment we must introduce the thin, rigid and resistant rod that allows us to reach the lock opening button or in any case the lock in question.

This method is the most used by locksmiths, which are the most suitable for opening this type of lock. A professional locksmith knows how and where to properly locate air pumps as well as their just pressure. His professionalism and experience will prevent us from any conflict with our car since by not having the same skill and experience we can cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

It is always important that, in these types of situations, we turn to an urgent locksmith (​) to help us with the opening and as the last tip, to avoid any type of theft or even scam it is important not to have anything of value inside our vehicle.


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