How to Install a Multipoint Lock

How to Install a Multipoint Lock

Security is an issue that concerns us all equally; since the physical and material integrity of the entire family or private business is at stake. It is a matter of seeing things from their own perspective according to what each one has had to live, so you can give your opinion about it, for example, there will be people who fortunately have never had the doors of their house forced to rob them, but on the other hand, there are entire families that have suffered firsthand the insecurity that is currently experienced being victims of robbery or theft of their property, others on their side have gone through the discouraging episode when they arrive at your office and find the Main door violated, without any furniture or work material.

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Faced with the variety of situations, in which a high percentage at some point have suffered some kind of violence, it is that somehow a type of security is sought that gives some peace of mind, not only to avoid robberies but also to save the service of a locksmith 24 hours.

Given the high cost of living, rising inflation and the little income that is perceived, there are people who have preferred to save on installing or repairing an item in their home by choosing to seek information and advice to carry out the work on their properties themselves. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now with internet access, you can look for tutorials where many things are taught by following the steps indicated without having to go to an academy or take a course. At this time the issue that concerns us is security, therefore it is taught in a general and simple way how to install a multipoint security lock.

This type of lock is made up of a metal box that consists of a handle (activates the latch), lever (the mobile part that locks the door), cylinder and handle, apart from the strike that is fixed to the door; Its type of cylinder and bars with multiple points are what make them more secure, so they are always used for doors and bars on the outside of the home or office, you can select from 3 or 5 security points, which close or open with a single key all the top, bottom and central lockable points at the same time. By choosing this kind of lock, you will be able to count on greater security, resistance and durability, now, let’s get to work.

The 4 steps to follow for the installation of a multipoint lock


First of all, we must obtain and have at hand the materials and tools to use such as meter, drill, screwdriver, hammer, metal file, punch, chisel, cold cutter, square, saw, drill bits: shovel, milling machine and wood, also adhesive, sandpaper, the wooden strip with the thickness and height you need and of course the lock with the chosen security points and the door.

Let yourself be guided by the instructions respecting the installation instructions that are contained in the package where the lock comes, which must also bring its accessories such as; bar, bar guides, strikes, leg reinforcements, screws, template and metal sheet; Check the kit at the time of purchase and if you notice that any of these elements are missing, change it immediately, otherwise, it will be impossible to carry out the installation. One of the things that you must take into account since it is absolutely important for the work to be good, is for the side that you can open the door if it is to the right or left in reverse or not because the lock will depend on it. that will place you and be able to install it correctly.


The door must be placed on strong supports, with the internal part facing upwards where the template that is included in the package must be fixed with tape so that it does not move, at the desired height that the lock will be, recommending that the handle is at a distance of approximately 1 meter from the lower frame of the door, then mark the points where the new multipoint lock will be fixed, where the cylinder of the same and the escutcheon will go.


At this time, the hole in the cylinder and the handle will begin to be drilled with the bit on both sides of the door so that it does not splinter, then present the lock, mark its location, screw the metal plate, fixing the lockbox aligned. to the edge of the door and then place the lower and upper bars adjusting and adjusting their length at the top and bottom parts, fixing them now with the guides, then briefly place the door in the place where it will go with the lock closed to mark the location of the slip and the strikers in the places where they go to later set where they will anchor the points of the bar (upper and middle part), the lower one will be embedded in the ground with a line of small holes.


Open and close the lock mechanism with the point key, positioning the door to check that all the locks are correctly engaged. To finish it off, it is recommended to install a peephole and safety hinges to the door to make it even more secure.

We hope that this post will be of use to you, and on the other hand, you already know that for any urgent or non-urgent locksmith service in Brisbane for security door openings, lock changes, key masterminds or any other service for which professional locksmiths are required.


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How to Install a Multipoint Lock

How to Install a Multipoint Lock

Security is an issue that concerns us all equally; since the physical and material integrity of the entire family or private business is at stake.

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