How Do I Act if I Lose My House Keys?

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​One of the biggest dramas that can happen is losing your house keys. And even more so if you live alone! Today,  we tell you how you should act if you lose your house keys and cannot enter. Pay attention, because this information can save your life (or spend a night on the street, at least).


Here are the keys on how to act if you have lost your house keys:

1. Stay calm: The first thing to do if you realize that you have lost your house keys is to stay calm. This can be difficult in some situations, either because you are in a hurry or because, for example, you have drunk and you are not in full power… Take it easy! Locksmiths have seen everything, so rest easy and call one to help you, which is precisely the next point that we are going to comment on.

2. Call a professional locksmith: The second point is to call a professional locksmith. It is the only one that can help you open the door of the house and momentarily solve the problem in which you find yourself. It is important that you choose a professional one that has good references. That is why it is always advisable to have the search done beforehand and have your number saved on the phone, so as not to have to go looking for it at that moment of nervousness.

3. Change the lock: It is important that, once you enter the house and have rested, you change the lock. You can do this yourself or a locksmith can do it. But you have to. Why? Because it could happen that someone has found your keys and knows where you live. It is rare, but it can be the case. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

4. Make a copy of the new keys: Once you have changed the locks, it is advisable to make a copy of the keys in case you lose any or they break.

5. Be more careful! : Of course, the last step is to be more careful next time. Consider leaving a couple of keys to a trusted neighbour or family member so you don’t have to call a locksmith if you lose them again.

As you have seen, the main thing when losing your house keys is not to lose your cool. Do not worry. Everything has a solution in this life. If you follow the steps that we have commented on, you will be able to solve it without major difficulties.

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Alan, Locksmith Brisbane from AC Locksmiths Brisbane, Best Rated Locksmith Brisbane, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane, Locksmith Brisbane.

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