How a Good Locksmith Can Help Us

How a Good Locksmith Can Help Us

Like many other professional sectors, the locksmith has evolved a lot in recent years. Thus, if a while ago, leaving the keys inside our houses was equivalent to having to break the lock and, therefore, having to change it, today that is not necessary and it is possible to open a door without causing those damage to the lock.

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It must also be said that,  with use and time, the locks deteriorate and can break. It is true that the materials have evolved along with the profession and are of much higher quality and resistance than before, but, like everything, they have a useful life until they break.

Always in the hands of professionals

When we talk about locksmiths there are many casuistries, many situations in which a locksmith can help us. Before going into the matter, it is worth highlighting the importance of, when faced with one of the situations that we are going to explain, to make sure that the locksmith we are going to contact is totally trustworthy.

The locksmiths are very good professionals and are always in the service of people, 24 hours a day. They recommend that we ask for a prior estimate before requesting this type of service, ideally between several locksmiths and that we bear in mind that we should not always choose the cheapest one, but the one that gives us greater reliability.

Loss of keys with the door closed

Who has not lost the keys at some time? Either due to theft or because we have lost them distractedly, who else and who has lost the keys at some time. This situation is minimized if any of the inhabitants of the house have another copy or we have left a copy in the hands of a trusted person.

But, if we have not taken this precaution, we will have to urgently call a locksmith to open the door. Also, especially if the cause that we do not have the keys has been theft, the most convenient and safe thing is to change the lock in case those keys have fallen into the hands of someone else’s friends.

Lost keys with the lock open

In this case, this loss may be due to the reasons that we have just described, but also to a classic mistake: leaving the keys inside the house. Again, the locksmiths guild comes to the rescue and they recommend to us, very honestly by the way, that someone of our trusted people have a copy in their possession for these cases.

Because, if the keys are not placed inside, we will save the call to these professionals with that far-sighted copy. If the key is in the lock, there are certain possibilities of opening with another key, but sometimes it is not possible, so we will have to hire the services of a locksmith.

The broken key inside the lock

As we said at the beginning, both locks and keys have a limited life. Another circumstance that can happen to us is that the key breaks when opening or closing the door.

Given this circumstance, the first thing we have to do is stay calm and try to see if with the help of fine-tipped scissors or a paper clip we can gradually remove the piece of key from inside the lock. In this case, we must be very careful not to force the lock trying to remove the key fragment and if we see that we cannot, we must call a locksmith.

But what if that key is the only one we have? Can we make a copy? The locksmiths tell us that there is no problem in making a copy of a key that has been broken. And, put to make copies, let’s make a spare one for emergencies …

The lock is jammed

In connection with the situation described above, it may be that the key breaks because the lock has jammed and does not turn as it should. Therefore, if when turning the key we observe that it does not turn, it is very important that we do not force to open the lock since we will break the key.

When this situation occurs, it is most likely that the cylinder has failed. We can try to do some play to see if it unlocks and, as we have said, without applying excessive force so as not to break the key. If the problem persists, there will be no choice but to notify a locksmith.

Faced with all the situations described,  the best advice is not to try to “play” at being locksmiths, because we can spoil things much more and turn something simple for a locksmith into having to end up in a more serious repair.


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