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Not being able to enter our house due to lack of keys is a real nuisance, but to those who have not had this happen at least once in their life, right? Believe it or not, it is more frequent than we think. And it is that we hardly prevent a situation of these because we take for granted that this cannot happen to us, how are you going to leave the house without carrying the key? But most of the time we are so accelerated that we just forget when we least imagine it.

There are people who are more cautious than others and from them, we can learn a little, for example, there are those who have a copy of the key to the door of their house hidden in a flowerpot in the hallway. Other people put a spare key under the welcome mat, others put it in the glove compartment of their car, there are also those who give a key to their family for when they have this problem, etc.

There are many ways to prevent staying out of the house due to lack of key, but many times we do not pay as much care to it and we end up falling into the error when we least want it to happen to us.

Anyway, when you have a problem, the only thing you have to do is find the solution to it, then, you cannot enter your house because you forgot or lost your key, you do not have a copy in the car, or in the pot, or under the mat, you have not given a key to your relatives, so, you only have to look for locksmiths who can come to solve the problem.

The locksmith is the person who is responsible for opening your door in a professional way without suffering any damage, well, this in most cases, because you have to see what type of lock you have and if it is easy to open it or if they have to do more complicated movements to be able to achieve it. A good urgent locksmith usually achieves his purpose in a very short time, because well, he has the knowledge, practice and experience opening any type of lock, therefore, our advice is that you go to a locksmith in Brisbane as soon as possible.

But, if for some reason it is not possible to contact someone and the rush is too great to get home, you can also take personal actions to try to open the lock of your house, without having to wait for the professional of the locksmith services company.

Open Doors with Homemade Tricks

If you have no idea how to do it, we invite you to learn about different home tricks to open locks.

1.- Opening with Credit Card

A trick that works perfectly if your door has an old lock is to use a credit card, if the card is laminated it is much better, but be careful because the card can be damaged, it is better to use a gift card for example.

The procedure is simple, the first thing is to insert the card from the side of the door, sliding the long end between the frame and the door lock above the lock, then tilt the card a little and take it to the latch of the lock.

Push the card towards you as you turn the door handle.

2.- Opening with Screwdriver

It will be necessary to check what type of screwdriver is most useful but the suggestion is that you use a long and thin one that you can insert into the lock easily, then you just have to move it from side to side of the lock carefully and slowly but constantly at the same time applying a little pressure on the door to make it easier to open.

3.- Opening with Metal Clip

Find a metal clip of those that are often used a lot in offices, straighten it until it is as straight as possible, then bend one end like making a loop so that it easily enters the keyhole, make movements from side to side with the clip and press at the same time.

The most important thing here is to try to open the lock without damaging it, any of the tricks described here works but in most cases practice is necessary. Undoubtedly, the best thing will be to call a professional 24/7 Locksmith Brisbane, as it is the safest way to open a door without damaging it.

Important Message: Please note that due to health and safety of our staff, we require any pets to be secured before we attend the premises. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a job if it compromises our safety. We thank you kindly for your understanding. We look forward to serving you soon.