Explore Your Security Options by Learning About the Different Types of Locks

Explore Your Security Options by Learning About the Different Types of Locks

The fundamental and final object of the locksmith is of course the lock, it is its main point and its reason for being, its total focus, therefore it is essential to fully understand all the details of the locksmith, to know the lock thoroughly including its performance and above all its types.

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The locks are mechanisms that are generally made of metal (in ancient times it was common for them to exist made of wood) that when installed in all types of gates (doors, windows, compartments) allow access control, since it can only be accessed through a key, thus preventing the passage of any unauthorized individual (who does not have a key), establishing a reliable security system for anything that is inside, whether they are people or objects of value or sentimentally appreciated. We already know that the ultimate goal of locksmiths is to fully know the locks, in order to be able to install, repair, uninstall, disarm them, update, invent and reinvent them, where the most astute locksmiths manage to stand out and achieve great experience and expertise, since they dedicate themselves to the trade daily throughout the year, since being a necessary profession and based on emergencies, it is necessary activity constantly.

But if we want to understand the work of locksmiths a little more, we must know locks better, and understand how they work, for example, we generally know that to operate a lock we need a key, which often leads us to think about these two things as separate and isolated objects, but this is an error since they are two main components of the system so that since one does not exist, the other becomes obsolete, that is, a keyless lock is useless and a key without a lock to open, either. In this way, we observe that for the correct operation of a lock the existence of the key is necessary.

Key operation and types of locks

The key works as the only object that allows access and to penetrate the lock, being the holder of the key in some way authorize you to enter, the key is the only object that should be able to operate the lock (depending on the security level of the lock) because it functions as a secret key, as the only possessor of the necessary code to open the door, do you know where the key hides its code? In the shape of its body, all those grooves, valleys and mountains that it seems to have, that is the code, since the lock has inside this code that must be entered in order to open the lock, this code is formed inside the lock to starting from a group of drums or pins that are at different heights and you need a key that fits each of the pins for the lock to allow it to be turned and operated.

The operation outlined above is how the most common locks work and practically all those that we use daily, but there are more types of locks that can be used in different media and for different purposes in which their operation, although very similar, may vary a little and is it is necessary to know all these alternatives.

For example, there are security locks, in which the system is much more intrinsic and the pattern or code of the key does not have to fit a group of pins, but rather go through a small slot that has a figure and the key must pass Through said slot to operate the lock, this type of locks offer such a level of security that in order to have a copy of the key, you must contact the manufacturer of the security lock.

Electronic locks for high security

But there is a truly special group of locks that are not talked about much or not taken into account, but that offer one of the highest levels of security and are becoming the norm in the best security systems and they are electronic locks. The best thing about electronic locks is that they offer different ways of operating them, some safer than others and that can be adapted to your security needs without problems. The most common type of electronic lock is the one that to open it is necessary to enter a security code on an electronic keyboard, which opens only when the correct code is entered, the keyboard can be number or sometimes alphanumeric. But security is achieved to increase to a higher level when we face biometric electronic locks, which are based on unique and unrepeatable biological patterns to be unlocked, such as facial, iris or fingerprint recognition, achieving an almost impossible to access without authorization.


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