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Digital Locks Brisbane

If you want to bring reinforce the security of your property, a digital locking system installed by our Brisbane locksmiths is the key to better protection for your home.

AC mobile locksmiths can attend your property to discuss your exact needs. We instal a range of digital locking mechanisms, yet the most common digital deadbolt and lever set we offer is the Carbine CEL 3in1, supplied and installed for a highly competitive rate of $399.

The benefits of digital locks in Brisbane, and all suburbs in fact, are far-reaching. Copies of keys cannot be made at your local locksmith, so there’s no risk of anyone outside of those few family members, close friends or high-level employees having access to your home or business.

Offered in a range of locking configurations, the Carbine CEL 3in1 touchscreen locks provide a keyless locking on a long or short-term basis. A zero to nine digital touch pad allows for 25 unique user pin codes.

So if you have cleaners or contractors working at your home or office, short-term tenants, or independent teenagers who come and go as they please, digital locks are a great alternative to cutting numerous keys for a multitude of reasons to give access when you’re not home.

Also, access rights can be updated whenever necessary, so in the case of discord within the household or an employee contract being terminated, you can block access for the relevant people.

Digital locks are renowned for their increased security, which is a great deterrent for home intruders. You can add card access as well to increase security by using double authorisation mode.

An intruder who is hoping to gain forced entry into your home and is faced with a digital lock may also be wondering about the probability of whether the digital locking system is linked to a Brisbane security company working in the area 24/7 and decide your property is too big a risk.

You also no longer need to worry about losing keys or misplacing them within the home before you go out. You’ll be given an access code and enjoy years of remote updates to your security locking system from the product provider.

Brisbane local Locksmiths provides digital locks that can be configured to your smartphone for extra convenience.

AC Locksmith Brisbane remains ahead of our competitors by staying up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge technologies and products. So while we supply and install Carbine digital locks today, talk to us regarding your specifications and we can tailor a solution to suit.

When you want a local locksmith near you to install your digital locks, call our mobile Brisbane Locksmiths on 0450 561 375


Important Message: Please note that due to health and safety of our staff, we require any pets to be secured before we attend the premises. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a job if it compromises our safety. We thank you kindly for your understanding. We look forward to serving you soon.