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Basic Locksmith Tools

As a locksmith in Brisbane, we work in one of the most important trades where a lot of skill is required. But the skill we require is basically to make use of our tools, which by the way are many, to achieve a single goal – assisting you with your Locksmithing needs.
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We, locksmiths, use a wide variety of tools to carry out our work because there is a great variety of locks and other mechanisms. Especially today as there are so many innovations in everything, let alone in locks.

Depending on what you want to have opened, so too, will the needed tool depend. For example, doors with old locks are different and more fragile than those with more newer and modern locks. It is also much different to open a main or street door than an interior door, that is, of a room e.g. bathroom.

It is also different to open locks on cars, trucks, etc.

For each type of lock, there is a specific tool, just imagine the number of locks just in one house.

Goals of a locksmith’s tools

The tools that we locksmiths use to carry out our work have very clear and precise objectives…

  1. ​Help to open the lock more quickly
  2. Do not cause damage to the lock to continue using it

With this article, we want to give you a better insight into the most common basic locksmith tools as well as how and when they are used. 

Basic Locksmith Tools


This is one of the most used by locksmiths, the uses of this tool are diverse and what it does is enable the locksmith to align the rotation of the cylinders in the locks, especially when they have mobile segments, achieving that the opening is faster and without forcing the lock.


These tools are also part of the basic tool kit in locksmiths, in this case, we have a wide variety of picks, locksmiths use them because they practically open any type of lock without causing damage.
The most commonly used picks for opening locks are:
Rakes, Hooks, Diamond, Tension Wrench.


Are also used by locksmiths because of their effectiveness, but must be used in conjunction with a flexible hammer. With the use of both these tools, the locksmith is performing the method known as Bumping, to open the lock.

The method consists of inserting the percussion key through the lock and hitting it with the hammer to separate the pistons from the counter pistons.


As the name suggests, this is a tool that extracts the cylinders of the locks.
Of course, this tool is used when the other tools do not work, using the cylinder extractor guarantees the opening.
There are many more locksmith tools, each of them, as we have mentioned before, has a specific function and you have to know how to use them at the right time.

Other basic locksmith tools

Other tools that are still used by locksmiths are:

Without a doubt, mentioning all the tools that a locksmith uses for his trade would be quite extensive, so the ones we have exposed here are the most used by us locksmiths in Brisbane.

Sure we can’t help but acknowledge the ability of us locksmiths to use each of the tools, but hey, Us at AC Locksmiths Brisbane + Our Tools, make us the perfect team.

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